I have been using Steppingstone products for years, and I have had the privilege to personally witness Teresa and her family making one of her soaps. It is made with passion, love, and top quality ingredients. Every time she makes a new soap, I declare it as my new favorite! They are all pure and beautiful. I also love the fact that they are environmentally friendly - no need for plastic! I enjoy Steppingstone hair products as well. The lime conditioner is so refreshing, I simply refuse to use anything else. What a perfect way to start my day! 
Eva Gembarzewski


I love all of your soap but this Ocean Wave is awesome and it goes nice in our shower.

Tammy Sawyer


Your diaper cream is seriously miraculous!  Feel free to use that endorsement widely! 

Megan Sawyer


I have been actively showing golden retrievers for 30 years and I'm very picky about what I wash my dogs with.  I started using Best Friends Solid Shampoo bar last year and I couldn't be happier.  The bar creates a nice lather to really wash my dogs and leaves their fur feeling clean and silky with no residues.  The bar is also great because it doesn't dry out their coats and leaves them smelling fresh!  Highly recommend!! 

Danielle Hannifin



Stepping Stone Soaps has become one of my favorite hair and body care staples for many reasons. I currently use both the hair conditioner and body soap on a daily basis and love them both more with each use. The volumizing conditioner is perfect post-shampoo but also works great as a leave-in conditioner, for people with dryer hair. I have received numerous compliments on the health of my hair as well as the natural lime scent since I began using this product. Teresa Divan is an incredible artist and all of the products in her line work and smell amazing and are visually stunning. She cares about her products as well as the actual people using them which is a rare and wonderful thing in this business. I would recommend a million times over!

Marit Wettstein, Boston, MA


I was so happy to receive a package from you!  It really made my day.  The Hawaiian golden sunrise soap is so beautiful.  The golden flakes are so pretty.  I just want to keep it on display in my bathroom forever.

The solid lotion is also super handy because my legs are always so dry when I come home to Hawaii.  I used lemon juice with the clay mask and loved it!!  It doesn’t harden and tighten your skin quickly which I hate in most masks.  It’s so light and I love reading all the natural ingredients.  My face gets pretty oily (it’s so humid here!)  it helped sooth it a lot.

Megan Lee, Kailua, Hawaii



“THANK YOU so much for the lotion bar for me and soap for Laura.  We both love them and truly appreciate your kindness.

The families are still talking about how happy they are with their purchases!  The parents that bought soaps are raving!!!  Thank you again for spending the afternoon with us.”

Kathleen Lee

Alice Brown Early Learning Center fundraiser

Garden City, New York


I spilled boiling water on my arm resulting in a second degree burn.  After all the medical attention and when the wound was at the point where there were no openings, I started using the solid lotion bar daily.  It kept my skin moist and after it was fully healed I kept applying daily in hopes there would be less of a scar.  I must say, it was amazing.  There is hardly a scar on my arm and my skin feels and looks great.  As you can see in the picture there is hardly a scar.  Great product!

Ellen Kramer, Riverhead, NY



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