Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there a "+" next to the weight of the items?

Each soap bar is cut by hand & the minimum weight is listed on the label.  If a bar weighs 5.5+ oz, that is its minimum weight.  It is most likely to weigh more than that, hence the "+"!

  • Are soap bars identical in appearance to the ones shown in the photographs on the website?

Soap bars are hand made in small batches, so there are variations from batch to batch.  Many bars are patterned so, depending on where your bar is cut from the slab, it will look unique and beautiful! 

  • How is shipping calculated?

      Shipping costs are calculated by weight.  Your items will be shipped priority in a padded flat rate envelope.  Current USPS rate for one flat rate envelope is $7.20.  Tracking and insurance is included.

      • When will my package arrive?

        Depending on your location in the US your package will arrive between 1-3 days.  Use the link HERE to view how many days it will take for your location.  Please enter zip code 11901 as the shipping location- then you will be able to view the map for shipping times.

        • How can I figure out the shipping weight of my items?  

        Each product description contains a shipping weight in ounces.  

        -Standard Shipping
        0.04 lb – 4.4 lb (up to 70.4 oz)
        -Medium Goods Shipping
        4.5 lb – 8.9 lb (72.0 oz - 142.4 oz) 
        -Heavy Goods Shipping
        9.0 lb – 13.4 lb (144 oz - 214.4 oz)
        -Extra Heavy Goods Shipping
        13.5 lb – 17.9 lb (216.0 oz - 286.4 oz)
        -Extra Heavy (+) Goods Shipping
        18.0 lb – 22.4 lb (288 oz - 358.4 oz)